March 2017 calendar used for the help of college professors, assistant professors, lecturers, lab attendees for maintaining the schedule the routine. March 2017 remember us the holidays routine about Sunday 12th march is doljatra, Monday 13th March holi, March 21rd nauroz, and March 23rd shaheedi diwas of bhagat singh, rajguru, and sukhdeb.  Sunday 12th march every person very happy and enjoy doljatra because it not only holidays for office staffs also students. The 13th march very happy moment for all students, staffs. They waiting for this 1day they play holi with how many colors. This holi many movies releases that in this day movie also goes to huge box office success. Many businessmen earn the net profit in this day. The sweet businessman also gains more net profit in dolyatra and holi. This holi many corporate businessmen leave for this beautiful moment.23rd shaheedi diwas we never forgot because bhagat singh, sukhdaeb, rajguru also the part for india freed from british government. March 2017 it’s also remembering that the astrology of horoscope report that march month series will be focusing their targets and personal goals. Taurus rasee person love life will be harmonious and health condition will be improving properly. gemini person affected by mercury and Jupiter. Cancer rasee person romantic life will be affected but by source finance condition is becomes good. Leo person does their business properly and gain more net profit. Virgo rasee people martial life also under pressure. Their financial conditions also reworked. March 2017 is good for improves the life career of libra people.


This month also good for Scorpio person that unemployed persons also gets the job. Sagittarius person love life is affected but health condition is good. But March month not good for Capricorn because their personal life many problems will be created. March month is good for Aquarius people who will be sportsmen and athletes. Pisces people career will be good but marriage will be affected in March month. 21st march narrow we will never forget because it is Iranian New Year. Many irani people enjoys this day. Because it is the holiday for them. We never forget our memorable actor Aamir khan whose birthday was March 14th, 1965 whose film lagan is Oscar nominated, who won dadasaheb phalke award for the movie 3idiots. He also awarded national award for Taare Zamin por.  We never forget kalpana chawla whose birth day 17th march 1962 who was first woman astronaut of Indian origin in space. She first flew space shuttle in the country coloumbia in 1997. She died in an accident but her birth date 17th march we never forget.  We never forget the extraordinary greatest businessman Jamsetji Tata who born on 3rd march 1839 who is the founder of Tata group of industries. We never forget our athletics Mary com who born in 1st march 1983 who is the champion boxer in india and gives many awards to india. This march 2017 memorable month for us that we never forget.