Jeopardized Species Day (United States)[


National Pizza Party Day (United States)[39]

Third Saturday: May 20[edit]

The Preakness Stakes is run, second gem in the triple crown of stallion dashing.

Culture Freedom Day

Military Day (United States)

World Whisky Day

Sanja Matsuri (May 16–19)

Third Sunday: May 21[edit]

Recognition Day of Fallen Soldiers

Father’s Day (Tonga)

Devour of Our Lady of the Audience

Monday prior to May 24: May 22[edit]

Victoria Day (Scotland)

Monday prior to May 25: May 22[edit]

National Patriots’ Day (Quebec)

Last Monday going before May 25: May 22[edit]

Victoria Day (Canada)

May 24, or the closest weekday if May 24 falls on an end of the week: May 23[edit]

Bermuda Day (Bermuda)

Last Thursday: May 25[edit]

Take a Girl Child to Work Day (South Africa)

Saturday nearest to May 30: May 27[edit]

Military Day (Spain) For free printable Calendar

Last Sunday: May 28[edit]

Arbor Day (Venezuela)

Kids’ Day (Hungary)

Mother’s Day (Algeria, Dominican Republic, France (First Sunday of June, if Pentecost happens on this day), Haiti, Mauritius, Morocco, Sweden, Tunisia)

Turkmen Carpet Day (Turkmenistan)

A weekend ago: May 28–29[edit]

Kiev Day (Kiev)

Last Monday: May 29, May 2017 Calendar

Legends’ Day (Turks and Caicos Islands)

Dedication Day (United States), an open occasion, is on May 30, however seen on the last Monday in May.

Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna Day (Fiji), expelled as a national occasion in 2010.

Portable Western Christian observances, 2017 dates[edit]

Hocktide – May 1-2 (England) (the Monday and Tuesday in the week taking after the Third Sunday of Easter)

Earth Day Sunday – May 7 (some Protestant categories) (Sunday before Earth Day)

Great Shepherd Sunday – May 7 (Fourth Sunday after Easter)

Store Bededag – May 12 (Fourth Friday after Easter in Denmark)

Cantate Sunday – May 14

Rogation Sunday – May 21

Minor Rogation days – May 22–24

Devour of the Ascension – May 25

Father’s Day (Germany)

Festa della Sensa (Venice)

Worldwide Day of Prayer

Sheep Festival (Cameroon)

Versatile Eastern Christian observances, 2017 dates[edit]

Sunday of the Paralytic: May 7 (fourth Sunday of Pascha)

Mid-Pentecost: May 10 (Wednesday after the Sunday of the Paralytic)

Sunday of the Samaritan Woman – May 14 (fifth Sunday of Pascha)

Sunday of the Blind Man – May 21 (sixth Sunday of Pascha)

Devour of the Ascension – May 25 (forty days after Pascha)

Saints Day (Romania)

Sunday of the Holy Fathers: May 28 (seventh Sunday of Pascha)

Settled Observances in May[edit]

May, from the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

May, Leandro Bassano

Rosa chinensis, the blossom image of May

April 29 to May 5 in Japan, which incorporates four distinctive occasions, is called “Brilliant Week”. Numerous specialists have up to 10 days off. There is additionally ‘May ailment’, where new understudies or specialists begin to be burnt out on their new normal. (In Japan the school year and financial year begin on April 1.)